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Aanbieder Ivoclar Vivadent Benelux
Datum 14/10/2021
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Masterclass met Oliver Brix – All-Ceramics Master Workshop “Power Layering with IPS e.max® Ceram”

In samenwerking met dentale depot Dental Union organiseert Ivoclar Vivadent een tweedaagse Masterclass met Oliver Brix.

Deze masterclass vindt plaats op 14 en 15 oktober 2021 bij Dental Union in Nieuwegein.

Both patients and dentists increasingly demand restorations made of all-ceramics that cannot be distinguished from the natural tooth structure. The challenge is to copy nature, achieve a perfect colour match and fabricate esthetically superior restorations. This course affords you the opportunity to learn all relevant parameters. IPS e.max Ceram is a low fusing nano-fluorapatite glass-ceramic. Apatite crystals in the nanometre range enable a unique combination of translucency, brightness and opalescence to be achieved. Its easy handling properties and esthetic potential make working with IPS e.max Ceram an extraordinary experience.

The objective of this master workshop is the reconstruction of the upper incisors using three different layering techniques and designs. Special shade formulations such as those used for the new Power Dentin and Incisal materials will be explained in detail and their application in a lifelike manner will be demonstrated. The individual layering techniques shown also include the one-bake technique as well as the basic bake method involving internal staining and characterization.

Each participant will receive a maxillary model with teeth 11 and 21 prepared. Participants will be asked to fabricate three copings based on a preparation list, using either:

• unshaded, translucent zirconium or
• IPS e.max Press, MO 0 or LT BL3.

This course is aimed at ceramists with specialized knowledge in the field.