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IPS e.max Press & Layering Zirconium Oxide

Can be held at various training facilities in The Netherlands, the focus of this two day course is IPS e.max ZirPress and Ceram the nano fluorapatite glass ceramic, two of the main components of the IPS e.max system. With this in mind this course is devoted to layering and pressing techniques in conjunction with a pre milled IPS e.max Zirconium oxide frameworks.

The initial section of programme covers the preparation of the milled framework. Participants will be shown how to characterise the frameworks in order to alter shading.

The training program will cover in detail ceramic selection and more advanced techniques with which to layer the Zirconium oxide framework. Participants will use press techniques in order to produce realistic full anatomy restorations. The course concludes with techniques used for achieving natural looking surface texture via glazing and polishing.

Ivoclar Vivadent Representatives

On special request and on invitation our trainers from our ICDE in Schaan are also available, but due to the high demand and current running course program it will be subject to availabilty only.

Suitable for both less experienced ceramists and those more experienced, this course provides the perfect introduction to the IPS e.max system.

Basic to Advanced


    • Understand the significance of the Zirconium oxide framework when matching shades.
    • Understand the correct procedures for preparing Zirconium oxide frameworks for layering.
    • Understand the importance and correct application of IPS e.max Zirliner.
    • Understand the correct layering techniques when using IPS e.max Ceram
    • Learn the procedure with which to press ceramic to Zirconium oxide using IPS e.max ZirPress.
    • Learn how to modify firing parameters in order to achieve more stable results
    • Become Familiar with IPS e.max Ceram and all its components