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IPS e.max Press Abutment Solution

Can be held at various training facilities in The Netherlands, this course focuses on the latest developments in IPS e.max Implant solutions together with the IPS e.max Press material. Tuition includes procedures and the correct methods to produce accurate anatomical press frameworks and how to easily produce lifelike results.

This course programme covers the latest developments in the IPS e.max system. Participants will be shown the recommended technique for customising implant abutments using the IPS e.max Press technique.

Each delegate will complete two customised implant abutments with completed crowns. Waxing techniques will then be covered in order to minimalise layering procedures in order to achieve greater control and high aesthetics. Given the correct knowledge of the pressing mechanism clean accurate pressings can be achieved every time.

Participants will be shown how to proceed with the divested pressings with layering materials then will be shown surface texture techniques, staining and glazing.

Ivoclar Vivadent Representatives

On special request and on invitation our trainers from our ICDE in Schaan are also available, but due to the high demand and current running course program it will be subject to availabilty only.

This training program may be more suitable for Dental technicians already experienced with the IPS e.max system.

Basic to Advanced


  • Understand the significance of accurate anatomic waxing
  • Understand the correct procedures for sprueing and investing of waxwork to ensure successful press results
  • Learn how to effectively customise implant abutments using the press technique
  • Learn how to determine ingot selection given differing tooth preparation shades
  • Understand the significance of the different ingot translucencies when matching shades
  • Understand the correct procedures for divesting pressed frameworks
  • Understand the importance of correct trimming and adjustment of Lithium Disilicate and the adverse effects of incorrect procedures
  • Learn how to layer pressed units in order to create realistic results